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Dr. Pierre Kory, President of America’s Frontline Doctors on the Use of mouthwash and nasal drops can reduce hospitalisations by almost 20 fold -


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America’s Frontline Doctors & The Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) have successfully treated millions of people with COVID and using this highly effective treatment. Povidone-iodine, also known as iodopovidone, is an antiseptic used for skin disinfection for cuts and burns and to prep an area before and after surgery. It has been around for over 70 years and is on the World Health Organization (WHO) List of Essential Medicines. Ivermectin  is on that list too. Interesting huh! Yet, right after the pandemic began governments banned doctors from prescribing it for Covid. Yet doctors can prescribe it just as they have been for over the last 40 years for various diseases and illnesses saving hundreds of millions of lives worldwide. It is sad that the deep level of corruption and evil this going on in the world right now needlessly killing millions of people worldwide when there is (and has been) safe, cheap, readily available and incredibly effective treatments that can easily cure Covid.  All to force people into getting a experimental DNA changing vaccine and making hundreds of billions of dollars off the lives and the suffering of people worldwide. This is why the global elites and governments of the world are going to great efforts to censor, remove, discredit and eliminate anybody that goes against their planned agenda of sharing proven, safe, cheap and effective treatments to cure Covid. Povidone-iodine therapy is one of those powerful and incredibly effective healing therapies to cure Covid and prevent someone from getting COVID. See below how America’s Frontline Doctors and The Frontline COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) recommend applying this amazing therapy and preventing or curing Covid in your life or loved ones life.

They recommend the following methods for using betadine (povidone-iodine) to fight COVID or any respiratory virus-


*NOTE- Povidone-Iodine is available nearly anywhere (Walmart, Amazon, etc.) for under $10 and most often comes in a 10% concentration solution. It is recommended to dilute that down using distilled water to  1% solution. (1 part Povidone-Iodine to 9 parts distilled water). It does not need to be exact. Do not use tapwater because it contains too many contaminants. Use distilled water only. Distilled water costs about one dollar per gallon at Walmart or a grocery store.



Use the 1% Povidone-iodine solution as a antiviral mouthwash: Gargle for 15 seconds 3 x daily using a 1% povidone-iodine solution (do not swallow and do not rinse).



 Use a 1% povidone-iodine solution in a nasal spray mister bottle (1-3 squirts per nostril) 2-3 x daily or every 4-5 hours (No more than 5 days a day in pregnancy). This will get deep into the nasal cavities and kill virtually all virus in your nasal cavity and give you about 4 to 5 hours of protection. This great way to protect and prevent you from getting Covid or any respiratory virus when going into public or high risk environments.



Use Povidone-iodine Swabsticks and swirl around the inside walls of each nostril throughly 2-3 times, effectively coating the entire inside of each nostril. Do this in conjunction with the nasal spray. If you do not have or do not want to purchase pre-made povidone-iodine swab sticks you can make your own by using the same solution of povidone-iodine except make it a 3%-5% solution and just dip a cotton swab Q-tip in the solution and swirl it around the inside of each nostril a few times throughly coating the entire inside surface areas and you’re done. Boom!  Note- The cotton swab Q-tips typically at home are much smaller and are not as effective at coating the entire inside of the nostril. Putting 2 or 3 together in a bunch helps. The premade ones that you can buy online are larger and more effective at coating the whole inside of the nostril. Just something to consider.





Povidone-iodine therapy is INCREDIBLE EFFECTIVE at preventing someone from getting COVID (or ANY respiratory virus) or helping someone who currently has COVID or any respiratory virus. Povidone-iodine therapy DRASTICALLY increasing a persons chances of recovering (quickly!) and surviving  COVID. Why? Because first off it kills any COVID or respiratory virus on contact within 15 seconds of being applied. It obliterates it on site! It’s that powerful and effective!  All respiratory viruses enter through either the mouth or nose to infect a person.  Both the mouth and nostrils are ideal breading grounds for respiratory viruses like Covid to grow and multiply because they are moist and warm. It’s like the perfect home and heaven to them. So the “viral load” grows rapidly here first for a few days and builds up an army before entering inside the body and battling against our immune system. It builds up an army first so it has a better chance of conquering the defenses of the immune system. THEN, it travels inside and into the lungs, digestive system and blood and distributes itself throughout the body to go attack mode. It needs to build up an army first to have any chance of defeating the immune system. The mouth and nostrils are the “head-quarters” for the virus and as those viral loads continue to grow and multiply massively in those key breading ground areas they continue to keep dumping high viral loads into the lungs, body and immune system- continuously attacking it.

The KEY 🔑 is to stop the virus at its “head-quarters”- the mouth and nostril cavities. When you attack it at its main breeding ground (the nose and mouth) it QUICKLY ELIMINATES it’s main source to keep on attacking the body and immune system. This method DRASTICALLY REDUCES the viral load one is carrying, nearly instantly, and significantly improves the ability of the immune system to fight off the virus by up to a 20 fold increase in improved immune response. This is huge!  Let that soak in.

It’s simple, incredible cheap, 100% safe and HIGHLY EFFECTIVE! It should be every persons “go to” and 1st line of defense against Covid or any respiratory virus, period!

Key advise- Do this at the very, VERY first signs of ANY symptoms of feeling ill (sniffles, runny or stuffed up nose, sore throat, swollen glands, fever, weak, sore, etc.). If you are around anybody that is sick or feel like you’re in a high-risk environment then take these steps beforehand to prevent from getting sick. Remember, it’s ALL about reducing the viral load! The sooner you do this and consistency the ability for the virus to build up a major army of nasty harmful virus invaders is DRASTICALLY REDUCED! This is key!


⚠️ DISCLAIMER - This therapy ONLY kills COVID where it is in direct physical contact with the virus. So ALWAYS use an aggressive multi-step therapy strategy when treating COVID. There is no single magic bullet to cure COVID. Be aggressive and pro-active when treating COVID. 

 We recommend buying these item IMMEDIATELY and having them on hand and ready to use.  Plus it’s a good idea to have on hand to be able to help a family member, friends or others who might get sick. When you get these item go ahead begin using them a few times right away and get familiar with them. This will equip and empower you to be ready and know exactly how to help others too.

 We have had COVID and so has our extended family, church and friends. Some of us with severe pre-existing health and respiratory conditions. Trust us when we say these therapies work!  We are very grateful for having had Covid because now we know what it’s like and what to do. We never went to the hospital or used pharmaceutical drugs (except for Ivermectin…which you can get without a prescription if you know how 😀) See our ORDER IVERMECTIN PAGE. We do not sell it or have any financial ties to the source. We just provide the link to purchase it.

 Our greatest goal and desire is to bless others with the knowledge and truth we have obtained of having gone thru of actually having COVID. God says in His word that there will be brought a great deception that will be brought upon the whole earth so that they will believe the lie. He warned that this great deception in the last days will deceive many and convince them to take the ‘Mark of The Beast”. God says ANYONE who takes the mark will not be allowed into heaven. No exceptions. Are we ALL not being trained and “socially conditioned” to continuously comply, submit and obey to more and more forced mandates? Are not our rights, freedoms and liberties being stripped away more and more? All in the name of “peace and safety?” God says that when you hear the words “peace and safety“ the sudden destruction is about to come. Folks, it’s time to have a personal reality check with yourself. This “Plan-Demic “ is steering us all globally towards a very evil global planned agenda.  It is time to be brave. To be bold. To do good. To seek truth. To share truth.  It’s time to do get to know God and His holy and perfect word and holy scriptures HE left for us. He left them for a reason. He wants us to know them. He wants us to know what is coming. So we do not fall for the great deception and receive the mark of the beast. He wants all of us, HIS children to come home. It’s time to make HIM our top priority.

 Let us help others awaken by - Revealing The Truth & Exposing The Lie by sharing our website- www.RevealingTheTruth.net

 The greatest benefit of having COVID is that once you have had Covid you are immune to all the variants! Plus you cannot carry and spread it to others. Yes, that is correct! You cannot get Covid twice! May sharing all of this bring you great peace and comfort. Many do not know this and that’s because of the massive global censorship campaign going on to censor he truth. Fear is satans greatest tool to control humanity. God says in the Bible to never live with fear but to equip ourselves with the truth. Truth empowers and breaks the bondages of fear and sets us free. HIS word is pure truth. Get to know it and him today!

 Pay-it-Forward-in-Life today by blessing someone else with the truth and help set them free. God bless.

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